“Nebulosa – The Organ’s Cosmic Sound Scapes” with particular focus on the Renaissance and Modern Eras 12-21 October, 2018

Joel Speerstra

Joel Speerstra is a Lecturer at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg where he is also a researcher and the publications director at the Göteborg Organ Art Center. He is active as an instrument builder, performer and musicologist. He studied the organ with William Porter and David Boe at Oberlin Conservatory before continuing in Europe on several grants that allowed him to study organ and clavichord with Harald Vogel as well as instrument building with John Barnes.His doctoral project led to the reconstruction of the Gerstenberg pedal clavichord, and a book published in 2004 for Rochester University Press: “Bach and the Pedal Clavichord: An Organist’s Guide”.  He has given performances and presentations for the British, Boston and German Clavichord Societies and the international clavichord symposia in Magnano. Speerstra is also a regular member of the Organ Academy in  Smarano. His research on the pedal clavichord was awarded the 2011 Hilding Rosenberg prize in musicology from the Swedish Academy of Music.