“Nebulosa – The Organ’s Cosmic Sound Scapes” with particular focus on the Renaissance and Modern Eras 12-21 October, 2018

Joel Speerstra

Joel Speerstra is a Senior Researcher at the Göteborg Organ Art Center and a Lecturer at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. He is active as an instrument builder, performer, teacher, and musicologist. He has been a practicing church musician since the age of fifteen and has been giving concerts on historical keyboard instruments since the age of 18, more or less the same time he became fascinated by keyboard instrument building. The bulk of his recent concert-playing has been divided between the organ and the clavichord, often linked directly to a conference, masterclass or summer course. He is a member of the faculty at the Smarano Summer Academy in the Trentino, Italy, and with Per Anders Terning has built more than fifty pedal clavichords, and manual clavichords, for individuals and institutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. He is a recent recipient of the Hilding Rosenberg prize in Musicology from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.