The Bach Circle: Keyboard Culture in the Eighteenth Century October 23-26, 2014


This is the official program for the Organ Academy, listing all lectures, masterclasses, and concerts. All activities are open to all Academy participants, and all concerts are open to the general public as well. You are warmly invited to attend.

Thursday - October 23, 2014
09:00 - 11:30 Registration
12:00 Music by Frederick the Great of Prussia Concert
14:00 Masterclass IB: session 1: Clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano Masterclass
14:00 Masterclass IA: session 1: Organ Masterclass Annette Richards
20:00 Music for multiple keyboards instruments Concert Annette Richards Joel Speerstra Tilman Skowroneck Ulrika Davidsson
Friday - October 24, 2014
09:00 Annette Richards: Organ Culture in 18th-Century Berlin Lecture Annette Richards
09:30 Hans Fagius: J. S. Bachs “Leipziger Choräle” Seminar
09:00 Tilman Skowroneck: 18th-Century Piano Professionals, Amateurs, and the Grumpy Provincial Tuner Lecture Tilman Skowroneck
09:30 Hans Fagius: J. S. Bachs “Leipziger Choräle” Seminar
14:00 Masterclass IA: session 2: Organ Masterclass
14:00 Masterclass IB: session 2: clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano Masterclass Joel Speerstra Ulrika Davidsson
20:00 Annette Richards, organ Concert Annette Richards
Saturday - October 25, 2014
09:00 Keyboard Technique and Sonority in the Clavier Works of C. P. E. Bach Lecture Ulrika Davidsson
09:00 C. P. E. Bach’s Clavier Lecture Joel Speerstra
12:30 Lunchconcert with Magnus Kjellson, organ Concert
14:00 Masterclass I: session 3: the four keyboard instruments Masterclass
20:00 Organ music from the 18th-century Concert
Sunday - October 26, 2014
17:00 Music for stringed keyboard instruments from the Bach Circle Concert
19:00 Farewell dinner Social