“Nebulosa – The Organ’s Cosmic Sound Scapes” with particular focus on the Renaissance and Modern Eras 12-21 October, 2018

Presentation of Ongoing Research and Organ Projects in Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen. Creative Keyboards: “antique instruments with new affordances”, (i) a duo-clavichord to explore ensemble and improvisation practice (Ulrika Davidsson and Joel Speerstra), (ii) the Baroque organ in Örgryte as a sound-lab for new creativity (Hans-Ola Ericsson). Visualization of data: Mapping as Tools for Organ Research (Ibo Ortgies). Ongoing organ inventory projects for the Church of Sweden (Carl Johan Bergsten, Alf Åslund). Presentation of the newly translated book “Arp Schnitger and His Work (Cornelius H. Edskes & Harald Vogel, eds.) and the Schnitger Organ Database (Hans Davidsson, Carl Johan Bergsten). The organ clock as music archive (Johan Norrback). “New Sounds in St. Petri:” a remarkable organ project in Malmö (Carl Adam Landström). French and German organ building in the 19th century: Comparative studies of Cavaillé-Coll & Walcker (Paul Peeters). Research projects at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen (Hans Davidsson), (i) Organ and related keyboard instruments – pedagogy, (ii) Carl Nielsen’s Commotio – Bine Bryndorf, (iii) Organ building and research projects.