2020-10-18 16.00 Vasa Church

2020-10-18 16.00 Vasa Church

80.00 - 100.00
Ligita Sneibe, organ

INDRA RIŠE (b. 1961)
Procession with Bells (2019)

LOUIS VIERNE (1870-1937)
from Pièces de fantaisie, Op. 52
– Clair de lune
– Toccata

ARVO PÄRT (b. 1935)
Pari intervallo (1976/1980)
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Uguns rituāls/Fire Ritual (2007)
– Gathering at the Holy Site
– Evocations of the Gods
– Sacrifice and Walking in a Circle

Ancient Baltic tribes usually celebrated the Fire Ritual four times a year: on the summer and winter solstices, and during the fall and spring equinoxes, when day and night were of equal length. In the fall, people expressed their thanks for the harvest; in the winter they sank deeply into thought and burned all their negative energy, emotions, and illnesses; in the spring they purified themselves and prayed for success in their farm work; and in the summer they worshiped the Sun. An important part of the Fire Ritual is to move in a circle. The circle has neither a beginning nor an end, neither time nor existence. It demands to be right here and right now, so we can share with it and be unified in love and truth.
/I. Riše


from Organ Symphony No. 1, Op. 14
– Allegro vivace
– Final