• The Arp Schnitger Academy August 5-9, 2019

    A multi-day masterclass with Hans Davidsson, a leading expert in the music of the North German Baroque




    This year marks the 300th anniversary of the death of Arp Schnitger (1648–1719), one of the most important organ builders in history. This is commemorated in many parts of the world. Arp Schnitger, who was active in north Germany, built more than 150 organs. He was the first truly internationally active organ builder, combining the highest quality in craft and sound with a larger output of instruments than any earlier organ builder. The unique baroque organ in Örgryte New Church, built in the 1990s as a research project by organ builders from twelve countries and in collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, was conceived in Schnitger’s style, and it will be at the center of the first Arp Schnitger Academy, which will take place 5–9 August. It is an international academy for a limited number of participants, who will study organ playing at the baroque organ in Örgryte New Church under the guidance of Hans Davidsson. In 2019, the focus will be the music of Matthias Weckman (1616–1674) and Georg Böhm (1661–1733).


    –Daily workshops featuring organ works by Böhm and Weckman (see repertoire list)
    –Presentations on various performance aspects (registration–rhetoric–accentuation–fingering–gesture etc)
    –Lectures on Arp Schnitger’s life, work and sound concept
    –Workshops on keyboard technique (primarily clavichord)
    –Scheduled practice time on the meantone organs in Örgryte New Church (Arvidsson/van Eeken/Yokota 2000), the Haga church (Brombaugh 1992) and related keyboard instruments
    –Participant’s concerts in Örgryte New Church; Haga Church and the keyboard center on the island of Bohus-Björkö


    Matthias Weckman (1616-1674):
    –Fantasia ex D
    –Preambulum Primi toni a 5 (ex D)
    (recommended edition: Gehrmans Förlag, CG6873, gehrmans.se)
    –Es ist das Heil uns kommen her (Bärenreiter Verlag, BA 6211, baerenreiter.com)
    –Magnificat II. Toni


    Georg Böhm (1661-1733):
    –Preludium in C
    –Preludium in d
    –Herr Jesu Christ dich zu uns wend (chorale cycle)
    –Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten (partita)
    (recommended edition: Kalmus Edition, kalmus.com)

    –Free choices of works by Weckman and Böhm



    The Schnitger academy is an international academy for a limited number of participants. The maximum number of participants is twelve. Only active participants are going to be considered for acceptance. The academy is primarily aimed to be an inspirational event for advanced organ students and professional organists. Accordingly, we are unfortunately not able to accept all applications. Please submit your application including a short CV no later than April 15. All applicants are going to be notified concerning acceptance by April 20, 2019.


    We look forward to five inspirational days focused on the music by Weckman and Böhm and the soundscape of the unique north German baroque organ in Örgryte new church. Make friends with colleagues from around the world in one of the leading international organ centers. Enjoy a visit to the Swedish West coast, the second largest city of Sweden and its beautiful archipelago. It is our pleasure to extend a warm invitation to the Arp Schnitger Academy 2019! We look forward to seeing you in Göteborg!



    The Arp Schnitger Academy is organized in close collaboration with the parishes in Örgryte and Haga.

  • Application

    Fee: € 300 (3.000 SEK) if accepted