2020-10-10 20.00 Örgryte New Church

2020-10-10 20.00 Örgryte New Church

150.00 - 200.00
CONCERT: Music and Art in Times of Crisis
”How desolate lies the city” – Vocal and instrumental music by Matthias Weckman enhanced with poetry and contemporary dance in contextual performance

Göteborg Baroque:
Anna Jobrant, soprano
Amanda Flodin, alto
Leif Aruhn-Solén, tenor
Karl Peter Eriksson, bass

Fredrik From, violine
Hannah Tibell, violine
Marie-Louise Marming, viola
Johan Tufvesson, viola
Adam Grauman, viola da gamba
Mattias Frostenson, violone
Dohyo Sol, teorb
Magnus Kjellson, organ and director of Göteborg Baroque
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Johannes Landgren, reciter and selection of poetry

Israel Aloni, concept and choreography
Moa Sobelius, performance and choreography

Hans Davidsson, conductor


Matthias Weckman
1. Kommet her zu mir alle
2. Zion spricht: Der Herr hat mich verlassen (Choreography: Israel Aloni)
3. Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe
4. Wie liegt die Stadt so wüste (Choreography: Israel Aloni)
5. Wenn der Herr die Gefangenen zu Zion


In 1663, the plague descended on Hamburg and more than one third of the population died. The city was paralyzed. All citizens were stricken. The dampened church bells sounded continuously, rendering grief, lamentation, despair, but also a message of that nobody faced the catastrophe alone. In response to the horrifying event, Matthias Weckman (1616-1674), organist in St Jacobi church, selected texts from the Bible and composed some of the most expressive vocal and instrumental works that we have preserved from the 17th-century. They witness the power of art in times of crises. Weckman’s music is remarkably relevant in times of pandemic and Covid-19. In one of the most moving compositions, the text reads: “Wie wüste liegt die Stadt, die voll Volkes war (The city once full of people, now sits all alone)” – and we think of the large cities of Europe, in the USA, and around the world in recent states of emergency.